To thank our family and friends for supporting our start up effort we are offering special holiday pricing on all items until December 31, 2011.

Bracelets: $25.00 normally $55.00

Necklaces: $25.00 normally $45.00

Charm Necklaces (includes the chain): $40.00 normally $80.00

Keychains and Bookmarks: $7.50 normally $15.00

Saturday, October 16, 2010


  1. I totally love the bracelet that is below the necklace in this set of photos. The spoons are really unique and I love the amber crystal.

  2. Debbie, do you still have this bracelet? It's the one with the stripey looking spoons that are the same as each other.

  3. Holly, I gave the bracelet to Deb to bring to you. I still had it in the box, so I'm glad! Thanks for your enthusiasm!

  4. Love the book marks...just started a book club, they would be so cute to give my friends...when it's at my house :) Smile a Day Giveaways sent me:)

  5. Wow! Amazing that you make beautiful jewelery out of silverware (am I right?)! It's gorgeous!
    (Smile a Day Giveaways sent me too :) )

  6. Smile A Day Giveaways sent me. :)
    I love your jewelry. It is fabulous!!

  7. Smile a day sent me..

    Love your jewelry. How unique and beautiful!

  8. Ann Beal, thank you! I love my bracelet, and I love your beautiful site! It's really inspiring and encouraging!